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Men, Is Adult ADHD At The Root of Your Struggles?

Are you searching? Searching for answers, searching for hope, searching for something more. You found this video because you are looking for something. Maybe you’re feeling lost or stuck as a man.  You might be struggling in your marriage.

You might be feeling frustrated in your career, feeling stuck there. Maybe you’re looking for your life’s purpose, but what is your life’s purpose?


I wanna tell you something. You are not alone. You’ve taken a giant first step, searching for answers, and you’ve found the right place.

So You and I, we have a long journey ahead of us, and we have a lot of work to do together. So Let’s get started.

Bruce Abbott - The ADHD Husband

I’m Bruce Abbott. I’m a certified professional coach, thriving with adult ADHD, and I have been where you are at right now. You see, as a kid,  I had no idea why other people had better friendships than me, why I would seek validation from other kids, and why that was so important to me, why I struggled with friendships and relationships.

These things came so naturally to other people. Why was I always seeking validation now as I grew up, I didn’t understand all of this, and life didn’t get any easier.   I didn’t have the self-confidence others had. Oh, sure, I put on a front, but it wasn’t there. Deep inside.

My emotional maturity and emotional intelligence weren’t there.

I was afraid of conflict. I had no idea how to properly have a relationship.

Throw in ineffective coping mechanisms, self-sabotaging behaviors, and ineffective thought patterns.

 I wanted to be out of my comfort zone, but couldn’t get out of my comfort zone,

 I was stuck in this cycle, going around and around and around.

 My first marriage ended painfully.

My second marriage…I nearly sabotaged that as well.

But then everything changed.

 I became a father to two children with clinical ADHD.

I raised them with the help of medical professionals. I followed them along this journey, supporting them every step of the way,  learning a lot about this disorder, and learning a lot about myself.

You see, I had no idea. That I had ADHD as well. And this ADHD and all the baggage that comes with it. I started to learn that it was at the center of all the things that were causing my problems.

Once I had been diagnosed with ADHD as an adult by a licensed medical professional, it was like a fog had lifted. As I studied more and more about it, I started to see the ineffective patterns in my life.

Now, I knew why I behaved the way I did. I knew why I responded the way I did. I knew why I couldn’t thrive like others.

After diagnosis and medication therapy, I went to work.

I sought therapy.   I sought coaching. I sought to truly understand myself, my struggles, my strengths, everything.

My ADHD diagnosis wasn’t a death sentence but an awakening.

It was awakening from a life of frustration and being stuck to understanding acceptance and achievement. Being comfortable in my own skin for the first time in my life.

And I turned my life around from not just surviving with A D H D to thriving where I was thriving in my relationships in my career, finding my life’s purpose for the first time ever.

Like I said, I have been in your shoes, and my life purpose was to come back down the path of this journey and help others, and that’s why I’m here talking to you today.

I want to help you do the same thing I did. Turn  your life around, improve your marriage, improve your career. Find out what your life purpose is.

That’s why I became a certified, accredited professional coach, focusing on helping men with adult ADHD.

I became a neurolinguistic master practitioner. I went back and educated myself for one goal – to help other  men who are struggling just like I was.

Together, you and I can turn your life around and you can finally be comfortable in your own skin.

I do this through one-on-one coaching and through group classes. I offer workshops and online courses. All in a safe, compassionate, empathetic environment. Because we are all in this same situation together.

It’s a journey and it’s hard work. It sucks at times.

I promise you it is worth it. Think about the many years or decades even that you’ve been struggling. It’s time to turn it around and get started.

You came looking for something. You came looking for answers you were searching for hope.

You found it.

So here’s what I want you to do.  Below is a link to the free ADHD Husband Assessment Guide. It’s going to help you find out how ADHD has been keeping you stuck and ways that you can bust free.


Sign up, it’s free.

Also, subscribe to my YouTube video channel and The ADHD Husband podcast. I’m always putting out as much information as I can to help you.

Because helping you helps fulfill my life  purpose.

Let’s begin this journey.

Remember, there is hope.

Let’s take it one step at a time.